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We are gearing up to have an amazing festival this year. In addition to all the amazing art and music and food and fun that happens on Sunday, we are adding a Saturday night event that will feature electronic arts and music plus progressive Lucha Libre wrestling from Mexico City / El Paso (a natural combination, we think)! It’s going to be out of control. (September 13-14, if you want to mark your calendars!)

This year, we are also planning an experimental new approach to fundraising–an online silent auction that will function like a crowdfunding campaign. Supporters will be able to donate a bit of cash to AHA and, in exchange, they will get gift certificates donated by diverse local businesses and service providers–restaurants, spas, bodyworkers, and more. It’s a win-win–crowdfunders will get something more useful than a T-shirt, and our auction donors will get all the exposure we can generate through social media. We estimate that a couple thousand people will visit the site and browse what’s up for grabs, and we’ll provide info/images/links for each of the sponsors giving items and services.

Please let us know if you would be willing to contribute an item or a service or a gift certificate to this auction OR, if you know of a business that we should ask (bonus points if I can name-drop you!). Here are the details you might need to know:

  1. We are interested in all kinds of items and services. Artwork? Flute lessons? Massage? If you have a skill but not a business, we can help by printing up a gift certificate, writing up a blurb about you for the website, etc. Let’s talk.
  2. The donation will be tax deductible for its retail value! Our fiscal sponsor will send the donor a thank-you note with all the info needed to deduct.
  3. Alternatively, for larger donations, we can give you ad trade on our website or in our event program! Double exposure! (Ad deadline is Aug. 23)
  4. The auction launches on September 1, but the sooner we know about the donation the better. Just shoot us an email at–we can pick the item up or give you a drop-off location.

Thank you so much for any help you can give! We love this community and are committed to finding a long-term fundraising model that is fun, rewarding, and gives value back to everyone involved.

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Night Wave

Posted By on Jul 29, 2014



Just a heads-up to let everyone know that Night Wave, a project organized by Vince Kadlubek that received the bulk of the nightlife stimulus funding awarded earlier this year, is taking place this Thursday-Sunday (July 31-August 3)! AHA is playing a role as well, by collecting data.

Night Wave is a nightlife prototyping festival. What does that mean? The event will concentrate a ton of cool nightlife events–music, theater, stand-up comedy and more–in a prime downtown location. There will be late night food (and food trucks), a free shuttle that runs all through town, and free, outdoor, pop-up performance. The data we collect will tell the story of what the economic and community impact would be if nightlife were thriving just like this all year round. What would Santa Fe look like with that extra revenue and vibrancy? We hope to find out.

Please join us! All the info you need is here, and you can RSVP to the Facebook event here.

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Inspirational Quote of The Day

Posted By on May 1, 2014

“The term volunteerism does not adequately describe what we do. Volunteering is like ladling soup, showing up once a year at a habitat build. This is a fucking lifestyle choice!”

-Daniel Werwath, AHA board member, MIX co-founder, and making-happener of things

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Bike to The Bar

Posted By on May 1, 2014

We  are excited to announce that AHA is teaming up with MIX Santa Fe to celebrate national Bike to Work month the only way we know how…by biking to the bar.

Over a dozen local establishments are offering one-day-only incentives for people that ride their bikes to come booze with them! Get deals like a couple bucks off a cocktail, a free bike spoke light, or appetizers at half price.

For more information and to see a list of participating venues, visit!

Special thanks to our sponsors Hutton Broadcasting,, the Santa Fe County DWI Prevention Program, and Lacey Adams Design.

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Nightlife Economy Call for Proposals

Posted By on Apr 28, 2014

The city’s Economic Development Division has released a call for proposals for the $5,000 that was made available by the City Council in February.

There has been bit of fussing, via the speculation that the city thinks it can “fix nightlife” with $5,000. I’d just like to add a resounding “that’s not the case” to this discussion. The city is committed to convening a task force to come up with long-term recommendations. I’ve been told that this process and the resulting recommendations are a top priority for the new administration.

What the $5,000 is designed to do is to catalyze involvement from the public sector by funding some small, low-hanging-fruit type projects. So if you’ve always wanted to get involved but couldn’t quite find the incentive, consider this your incentive. Write a proposal–it’s a simple process–and get some cash to get going.

Proposals are due by 5:00 pm on May 12.  An information session will be held on Friday, May 2, 2014 at Market Station in the Railyard at the second floor City offices from 10 a.m. to noon.

The full press release is below the jump.

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Record Store Day

Posted By on Apr 19, 2014

Today is Record Store Day–a day when the entire music industry rallies around independent brick-and-mortar record stores across the world. Artists give special performances and record labels put out limited releases that are available only in select locations. It’s designed to get people to support their local record store, but it also ends up catalyzing many an awesome road trip as music fans and vinyl collectors try to catch special performances or hunt out super rare items.

photo by Fourth Floor


Santa Fe is a bit too small a town to get any of the super sought after stuff, but I think it’s an important day nonetheless. When I first moved here there were no record stores to be found. Now there are several, so I thought it would be a good day to list all the record stores in Santa Fe that I know of (knowing that if I missed any someone will chime in through the comments).

The Good Stuff – curated used, tons of great classic albums

The Guy in The Groove – new, used and audiophile (inside Constellation Home Electronics)

Red House – curated used (they are rumored to have once purchased Red Cell‘s entire vinyl collection)

I’ll also add Hastings in the DeVargas Mall, which is not an independent record store but which has majorly expanded their vinyl section within the last year. They have both used vinyl and a steady stream of new releases.

Did I miss any?

Photo by Fourth Floor.

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Update on The Nightlife Lobby

Posted By on Mar 12, 2014


Wanted to provide a quick update on some really exciting progress on efforts to make Santa Fe more hospitable to nightlife.

First, coming out of the BQL meeting in November, city councilor Rebecca Wurzburger pulled together representatives of various organizations that have spoken out on this issue. She asked us for a list of ideas that eventually got turned into a resolution, which you can view here. The resolution passed in February, and so now the city’s Economic Development Division is working on creating an official task force that will spend time researching the issues and make recommendations sometime later this year. The resolution also authorized EDD to give a little bit of funding (not to exceed $5,000 total) to some small pilot projects proposed by the community. I’ll post something here when a proposal process for that funding is announced.

Second, something exciting is happening at the state level. As anyone that’s ever dreamed of starting a music venue knows, one of the single largest factors suppressing Santa Fe’s nighttime economy is not a city issue but a state issue–New Mexico’s liquor laws. In New Mexico, there is a finite number (1411, to be exact) of liquor licenses under what’s referred to as “the quota system.” While in neighboring Colorado you can get a license to open a full bar for just $2,500, in New Mexico you have to buy one from an existing license holder, which has driven up the price from anywhere between $300,000 – $1 million. Renting a liquor license is possible, but it costs a business between $3200 and $3800 a month. 

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The Easiest Flier

Posted By on Feb 17, 2014

cool dog flier

Here is the truth: You need to make a flier for your show.

Facebook events are great–for people that are looking for something to do that night. For people that don’t happen to actively go check their Facebook events list on the night that you happen to have a show, you need to have fliers. Your Facebook event invites are getting lost in a torrent of random notifications for everyone except the same 30 people that come to every show you put on, because you happen to be in their news feed or because they have made out with everyone you know.

For a long time I used to make fliers in Photoshop. What happened was I would learn just enough Photoshop skills to make a flier, and then by the next time I wanted to make another flier I’d have forgotten how and I’d have to re-learn it all over. For those of you that are fluent in Photoshop, this post probably isn’t for you. For people like me that suck at Photoshop or can’t afford it, here is how you make a flier (quarter-page size) without even freaking out a little bit.

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