After Hours Alliance

Strengthening nightlife through the arts

The After Hours Alliance was founded in 2010 to identify creative ways that music and arts promoters could work together to elevate Santa Fe’s music scene.

AHA operates under the following core beliefs:

1. A thriving after hours or nightlife scene is critical to the health and vibrancy of the city of Santa Fe. Promoters of after hours music and arts events in Santa Fe do not often earn large profits. Rather, they are working primarily to manifest the change they’d like to see in their community.

2. The presence of all-ages venues is critical to a thriving scene. A lack of all-ages venues not only cripples the viability of music events, but also excludes people under 21 from events that they find culturally significant.

3. People have a responsibility to consume alcohol safely. While drunk driving is a problem, after-hours arts and music programming helps to keep our nightlife more about culture and less about consumption.

AHA was founded in response to data collected from MIX. To learn more about MIX, visit