After Hours Alliance

Strengthening nightlife through the arts

The After Hours Alliance was founded in 2010 to identify creative ways to stimulate¬†nightlife in Santa Fe. Through round-table conversations with local music and events promoters, we began to galvanize around the belief that nightlife is most vibrant and healthy when it’s driven by the energy and creativity of the arts. Events featuring music, electronic arts, theater, comedy, and performance art are the catalysts that bring people out of their homes, and this cultural enrichment also provides a social fabric that helps keep people safe.

Santa Fe has a strong arts legacy, but there is an imbalance of support and infrastructure that often favors the visual over the performing arts. Additionally, while we have a strong arts economy, at times there is a false emphasis on marketable and salable art forms over DIY, community-based art that makes little to no revenue (and that makes up much of our performing arts landscape).

We believe that the process of creating sustainable solutions for nightlife is inextricably intertwined with Santa Fe’s process of regenerating its own identity as an arts center that includes a breadth of DIY, performance-based, and community-based art activity.

Our primary streams of work include:

  • The production of events, including the AHA Festival of Progressive Arts and other smaller events throughout the year, that feature interdisciplinary and performance-based artists, and
  • Lobbying for common-sense regulatory changes at the city and state level to positively impact the health and sustainability of Santa Fe’s nightlife.

AHA was founded in response to a community-wide conversation provoked by MIX. To learn more about MIX, visit