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We are gearing up to have an amazing festival this year. In addition to all the amazing art and music and food and fun that happens on Sunday, we are adding a Saturday night event that will feature electronic arts and music plus progressive Lucha Libre wrestling from Mexico City / El Paso (a natural combination, we think)! It’s going to be out of control. (September 13-14, if you want to mark your calendars!)

This year, we are also planning an experimental new approach to fundraising–an online silent auction that will function like a crowdfunding campaign. Supporters will be able to donate a bit of cash to AHA and, in exchange, they will get gift certificates donated by diverse local businesses and service providers–restaurants, spas, bodyworkers, and more. It’s a win-win–crowdfunders will get something more useful than a T-shirt, and our auction donors will get all the exposure we can generate through social media. We estimate that a couple thousand people will visit the site and browse what’s up for grabs, and we’ll provide info/images/links for each of the sponsors giving items and services.

Please let us know if you would be willing to contribute an item or a service or a gift certificate to this auction OR, if you know of a business that we should ask (bonus points if I can name-drop you!). Here are the details you might need to know:

  1. We are interested in all kinds of items and services. Artwork? Flute lessons? Massage? If you have a skill but not a business, we can help by printing up a gift certificate, writing up a blurb about you for the website, etc. Let’s talk.
  2. The donation will be tax deductible for its retail value! Our fiscal sponsor will send the donor a thank-you note with all the info needed to deduct.
  3. Alternatively, for larger donations, we can give you ad trade on our website or in our event program! Double exposure! (Ad deadline is Aug. 23)
  4. The auction launches on September 1, but the sooner we know about the donation the better. Just shoot us an email at–we can pick the item up or give you a drop-off location.

Thank you so much for any help you can give! We love this community and are committed to finding a long-term fundraising model that is fun, rewarding, and gives value back to everyone involved.

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