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Record Store Day

Posted By on Apr 19, 2014

Today is Record Store Day–a day when the entire music industry rallies around independent brick-and-mortar record stores across the world. Artists give special performances and record labels put out limited releases that are available only in select locations. It’s designed to get people to support their local record store, but it also ends up catalyzing many an awesome road trip as music fans and vinyl collectors try to catch special performances or hunt out super rare items.

photo by Fourth Floor


Santa Fe is a bit too small a town to get any of the super sought after stuff, but I think it’s an important day nonetheless. When I first moved here there were no record stores to be found. Now there are several, so I thought it would be a good day to list all the record stores in Santa Fe that I know of (knowing that if I missed any someone will chime in through the comments).

The Good Stuff – curated used, tons of great classic albums

The Guy in The Groove – new, used and audiophile (inside Constellation Home Electronics)

Red House – curated used (they are rumored to have once purchased Red Cell‘s entire vinyl collection)

I’ll also add Hastings in the DeVargas Mall, which is not an independent record store but which has majorly expanded their vinyl section within the last year. They have both used vinyl and a steady stream of new releases.

Did I miss any?

Photo by Fourth Floor.

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